DesignCooper Foil Leading Sandblasting Tempering Installation Frames


We have over experience working with the finest speciality contractors, commercial developers, and leading edge designers.

Our reputation is second to none and is renowned for producing the finest glass artworks. We take greate pride in providing the highest quality of service and professionalism to all our customers; whether consumer or commercial. 

We have the necessary experience for working with many creative customers, developers, and designers in Beverly Hills and therefore are proficent at working at this level.

We know how to work with Architects, Interior Designers, and Contractors.

A full service Glass Art design studio

We typically provide full-service packages for custom designed artwork so that we take care of everything. This service includes engineered frame development, designing, color selections, production, delivery, and installation.

As part of the Full-Service package our team will come take care of everything.

If you already have a builder or contractor that is involved with your project, we are happy to work with your team.