History Talma Moshe Production Team Studio

About Us: History

One summer Talma decided to take a course in Stained Glass. The course project was to make a small window.  Talma decided to replace the glass in her dining room coffee table.  This was a huge success with friends that saw it. Soon enough, she was making them for her friends. 

How it all began

As the word spread she was eventually commissoned to build stained glass windows for one of the finest home builders in Los Angeles, Dean Homes. later, she has developed a business that produces some of the most exquiste skylight domes you will ever see. 

Visit the portofolio and see it for yourself.

Where do we go from here.

This business has evolved and grown with changes in styles of interior design, materials science, and production techniques.  We stay current on all the latest techniques and are therefore able to continue leading the way in the creation of the finest glass art.